Hillsdale House

Toronto, ON

| 2020

The artist owner and her husband requested we deconstruct their house down to the base structure. All existing spaces were cramped, the finishes were in disrepair, and the mechanical and electrical systems were well past their shelf lives. It was a perfect time for a full-scale gut job. To reduce the heating energy load, we restored and upgraded the exterior foundation, wall and roof assemblies to reduce air leakage, break thermal bridges, and upgraded the insulation values. In concert with the assembly improvements, we opened up the space both horizontally and vertically in combination with installing operable windows to promote passive ventilation. The deep southern overhangs further limit heat and provide outdoor shelter from the rain.

Contractor: Rob Roy
Interior Designer: Sheree Stuart
Structural Engineer: Revive Engineering
Building Science: RDH Building Science
Windows: Kolbe Windows (by Ridley)
Glass Guards: Mrail
Photography: Gillian Jackson