The Studio

Building with an architect can be an exciting opportunity, in particular, when partnering with a sustainable architect committed to reducing our carbon footprint. At Dewson Architects, we work with every client, every step of the way, to ensure we create uniquely tailored solutions.

We are committed to Creating Sustainable Legacies, collaborating with clients and partners to create beautiful, tailored and sustainable designs.

Our Values

Beauty: Passionate about designing elegant and beautiful buildings.
Sustainability: Focus on environmentally conscious building design.
Bespoke: Simple, refined and tailored solutions unique to each client.
Resilience: Buildings with enduring quality and lasting value, designed with the full lifecycle in mind.
Collaboration: A collaborative team, valuing open-minded dialogue and nurturing long-term relationships.
Leadership: Industry leaders, committed to continually leading and learning.

Toronto’s Sustainable Building Architects

Dewson Architects is a leading custom sustainable design architect in Toronto, seamlessly merging aesthetic sophistication with cutting-edge environmental practices. Renowned for its commitment to environmentally conscious design, the team crafts bespoke buildings that prioritize energy efficiency, Passive House concepts and sustainable materials. With a focus on luxury and functionality, Dewson Architects sets the standard for green living in Toronto’s architectural scene, creating buildings that reflect individual tastes while minimizing environmental impact.