Burritts Island

DAI is proud to receive honourable mention in the 2022 International Design Awards for our Burritts Island project. All the buildings on-site establish the architectural wood vocabulary on Burritts Island. The use of wood throughout the main cottage allows for the lowest level of embodied energy compared to other building materials. We were able to use locally sourced wood species that are native to the region, allowing for a sustainable process of obtaining the wood. Its use in this project was essential in maintaining a low carbon footprint while still achieving the desired aesthetic within nature. The Douglas fir structural members, as well as the red cedar siding, are FSC sourced from Western Canada. Most of the finishes and structural members, were built with locally sourced wood, including spruce, pine and fir for the partition walls, eastern white pine for the interior siding, maple and black walnut for the flooring, and painted birch for the millwork.