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Hovag Kara-Yacoubian

Hovag joined Dewson Architects in 2022, bringing with him a broad spectrum of experience leading, conceptualizing, and delivering commercial, residential and hospitality projects. He has a deep understanding of the effect of technology on architecture and works to realize the most exciting and functional designs by the best means possible.

He feels it is important to keep projects grounded and sustainable while exploring clients’ visions and bringing into the mix contemporary architectural theory. Hovag understands that the future of architecture lies in making buildings sustainable and restoring existing building stock. This, along with his experience in building retrofits, makes working at Dewson Architects exciting for him. He also looks forward to providing clients with efficient, high-performing and sustainable designs.

Outside of the office Hovag is an avid fan of film, art and sports. He is always seeking to broaden his horizons through travel, culinary experiences and meeting new people.