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Khaliq Azizi

Khaliq joined Dewson Architects in 2020 after finishing his Master of Architecture from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). His interest in architecture is in the interplay between sustainability and its influence on spatial design. Khaliq believes sustainability in architecture is not just in the construction of buildings but also in the way people use and interact with the space.

He brings with him experience working on residential projects, freelance fabrication, building science and materials research.

Khaliq approaches design from both an architectural and building science approach that focuses on energy-efficient buildings, low-carbon footprint, and building enclosure design. He holds a LEED AP certification for new buildings. At Dewson Architects, Khaliq works on design and coordination on residential, commercial and heritage projects, as well as spearheads material research and organization.

Beyond architecture, Khaliq has a passion for travel, arts, movies and sports.