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William Dewson

Bill founded Dewson Architects in 1996 to deliver both beautiful and sustainable architecture to his clients and create viable, sustainable legacies. Over the years, he has brought together an unparalleled team to continue providing exceptional service and create elevated, ecologically friendly architectural designs, built with high-performance construction.

With his background in architecture established at the University of Illinois, Bill continues to build on his Master’s degree focused on structural engineering, building materials and construction methods. Bill has navigated rigorous environmental certification programs, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Passive House Design, to achieve an impressive list of award-winning projects.

He believes in producing architecture that stands the test of time, delivering lasting value to the client, reducing the carbon footprint of each project, and seeking ever-evolving pathways toward net-zero and carbon-neutral buildings.

Born in Toronto, Bill has travelled the world to hone his craft before returning home to Toronto to practice architecture in the environment he loves and knows best.